Meet the Team: Mason Kreidt

September 14, 2022 | Meet the Team

Learn more about our multifamily investment advisor who focuses on the Florida sub-market of Polk County

Backed by our combined experience and in-depth expertise, each of our multifamily investment advisors is committed to helping you buy and sell multifamily properties in Florida to match your unique real estate investment goals.

Join us to learn more about one of our team members: Mason Kreidt, Multifamily Investment Advisor. 

Getting Started 

With a focus on Polk County, Mason Kreidt is a multifamily investment advisor at 100Units that prioritizes the successes of his clients in every transaction he handles. 

While earning his Associate in Arts (AA) degree articulated in engineering from Valencia College, Mason began looking for a part-time job that paid well with flexible hours and found modeling.

Although he began pursuing a four-year degree from the University of Central Florida, Mason’s modeling jobs allowed him to see that there were opportunities to make money and build a career without a four-year degree, so he put his educational aspirations on pause to focus on building a career.   

Finding 100Units

After a few years of modeling, Mason wanted to look into a different profession with a clear cut career path. He had a friend with a successful industrial real estate career, so he contacted him for connections after deciding he was interested in breaking into the multifamily industry.

“I reached out to my friend and said ‘I want to go into multifamily real estate because I would eventually like to own that as an asset class, so who do you recommend in the Orlando area that I could talk to about it and potentially work with?’ He immediately mentioned Joe LeFleur and the 100Units team,” shares Mason.

“I picked up the phone and cold called Joe and said ‘Hi, I just got my real estate license, I heard you’re the best in town. I’d love to meet with you and see if there’s an opportunity for me to come on board.’ Luckily there was an opportunity, and I’ve been at 100Units ever since as I learn and grow in the real estate industry,” says Mason.

As a multifamily investment advisor at 100Units, Mason’s primary responsibility is to meet with multifamily owners

Passion for Helping People

As a multifamily investment advisor at 100Units, Mason’s primary responsibility is to meet with multifamily owners to understand what they’re trying to achieve in the marketplace, so he can assist them in doing so.

“Whether it’s buying more property, expanding their portfolio, or selling an asset to seek a retirement lifestyle, I’m committed to helping my clients determine the best options to meet their investing goals,” explains Mason. “My role really boils down to client relationships. I help clients understand the market through my expertise as a real estate professional.”

Mason specifically heads up the Polk County multifamily market for 100Units, which goes from Lake Wales to Lakeland to Haines City to Davenport. As a slower market than Orlando and Tampa, Mason appreciates that the area allows him the time to enjoy building relationships with his clients. 

“I really want to help people, and not sell people,” stresses Mason. “I want to provide value to my clients with no strings attached as someone that they know they can trust to come to for advice on the real estate market that’s solely in their best interest.”

Growing as a Multifamily Investment Advisor

As a newer advisor, Mason appreciates the opportunities for learning and growth that being a member of the 100Units team has offered him. 

“Being the expert that he is, Joe provides all of us newer advisors with weekly training sessions to hopefully shorten the distance between being an industry leader like Joe and being fresh off the starting block in the multifamily industry,” says Mason. “He’s able to give us the expert, inside track on different topics that he pulls for us each week that can really add value to what we offer our clients.” 

As for his favorite part of working at 100Units, Mason loves the monthly all-team meetings. “Thankfully we have the flexibility to be remote, but our team meetings are a great opportunity to bring everyone back together in the office,” details Mason. “It’s nice to see everyone that’s in the same boat as you, on your same team, and going through the same things as you are. It allows us to hear about the transactions everyone is working on, get any updates, and share stories and relate to one another.”

Mason's favorite part of working at 100Units is the monthly all-team meetings

Reflecting on Accomplishments

Mason’s greatest career accomplishments thus far connect back to his passion for helping people, and finding properties that match his clients’ real estate investment goals. 

“Completing my first deal has been one of my greatest career accomplishments so far,” says Mason. “I was able to contact an owner who was self-managing a property and didn’t want to deal with it anymore as he aged. He didn’t want to list his property, but he was willing to take an offer. Joe had somebody in our investor group that met the seller’s requirements, they got connected, and the deal was a success. The seller got his asking price, the buyer got an amazing property, and everyone was happy at the end of the deal.”

“I’m also proud of the fact that I was able to help my parents add a property to their retirement portfolio through a similar scenario as my first deal,” adds Mason. “It was especially nice to be able to help my parents that have helped me so much in life.”

Adrenaline Rush

When he’s not busy building connections with his clients, Mason is a self-labeled adrenaline junkie.

“I love extreme sports. Anything adventurous and adrenaline-related really excites my soul,” shares Mason. “I’ve gotten into surfing, I enjoy snowboarding in the winter, and I love skydiving—so far, I’ve completed over 100 jumps. I’ve made it around the world in 17 days, and I also know how to breathe fire.” 

When asked about his favorite quote, Mason responded: “You will never lose if you don’t quit,” which with slight variances, could be attributed to a few different people.

“I apply this saying to business as a reminder to continue to press forward, even if you don’t see immediate results. You have to keep taking the needed action steps because you will never lose until you quit. Failure is not final,” explains Mason.

In his free time, Mason enjoys sky diving and he's completed over 100 jumps

Advice for Multifamily Investors

As for his best advice for multifamily investors, Mason’s advice is straightforward: Make offers because you will never buy something that you don’t make an offer on.

“Making offers requires you to identify what would be your target property and location, getting your finances in order before you go get lending, and then talking with a real estate professional to have them write up your deal and make a formal offer,” advises Mason. 

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