Meet the Team: Sean McKenna

November 22, 2022 | Meet the Team

Learn more about our multifamily investment advisor who focuses on the Jacksonville, Florida market

Amid the challenging process of buying and selling apartment buildings, each of our multifamily investment advisors is committed to providing you with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from working with a group of highly driven and passionate commercial real estate professionals.

Join us to learn more about one of our team members: Sean McKenna, Multifamily Investment Advisor. 

Roadmap to Multifamily 

With a focus on the Jacksonville market, Sean McKenna is a multifamily investment advisor at 100Units that is committed to transparency and open communication with his valued clients. 

While working as an Operations Manager at PetSmart, Sean was inspired to break into the real estate industry after seeing the success that his boss’s wife was having as a residential agent. He began his real estate career by selling single family homes, and started looking into the opportunities that lie within multifamily since he was interested in investing in that asset class himself.

Shortly after Sean was ready to transition to selling multifamily, he received an email from a recruiter interested in interviewing him to be an agent assistant at 100Units to learn from Joe LaFleur, and eventually become a multifamily investment advisor in his own Florida market. Sean moved through the interview process and joined the 100Units team in 2021 where he completed training before launching as an agent in the Jacksonville market. 

Opportunities at 100Units

As a 100Units multifamily investment advisor, Sean spends most of his days on the phone building relationships with prospective clients and adding value to the Jacksonville community by offering rent surveys and brokers opinion of value (BOV).

“I call all the apartment buildings in a certain zip code and put together a package of all the rents in the area, so that owners can understand if their rents are at or below market to adjust accordingly before selling,” says Sean. “I drive around to properties throughout the week and make notes of what I notice to share with owners on what to make improvements upon to make a better profit when selling. I really try to be present in the Jacksonville market and truly know the community to build genuine relationships.” 
As for being a part of 100Units, Sean appreciates that the team is fun to work with, while also being very knowledgeable about the multifamily industry. “Joe and Johnny have learned a lot in their careers, and they’re very willing to answer questions and provide us with tried and true answers,” shares Sean.

Sean appreciates that the 100Units team is fun to work with

Commitment to Clients

When it comes to relationships built with his clients, Sean is committed to providing transparency and open communication. 

“I try to communicate as much as possible, so nobody is left in the dark. I always follow up and I want to make the process as seamless as possible for the investors I support,” details Sean.  

Sean’s commitment to going above and beyond to help his clients is exemplified by the fact that he’s currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in legal studies. “My goal is to understand the legal aspects of the real estate industry, so I can help my clients more in-depth with contracts and understanding legal jargon,” shares Sean.

Focusing on Jacksonville

If you ask Sean, the best multifamily market to invest in within the state of Florida right now is Jacksonville

“Jacksonville is an up and coming area,” explains Sean. “Orlando and the Space Coast blew up over the past few years, and I think Jacksonville will be that next hot market. If you get in right now, it’s going to be an extremely lucrative investment. We’re seeing prices go up like crazy, but it has not quite peaked like Orlando. As home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and many great beaches in town, Jacksonville is just a really cool area.”

Sean spends most of his days on the phone building relationships with prospective clients

Outside of Work

When he’s not focusing on real estate, Sean enjoys golfing at different courses, fishing and being outdoors, and spending time with his main priority—his family. 

Sean also shared that many people would be surprised to learn that he went to school to be a firefighter when he was younger. “I had a lot of friends that went to fire academies, but I don’t even think anyone at 100Units knows about that,” shares Sean.   

When asked about his favorite quote, Sean shared one from Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Advice for Multifamily Investors

When it comes to advising someone interested in investing in multifamily real estate, Sean says to focus on keeping track of your finances. 

“Either hire a property management company that’s going to keep track of all your expenses or if you’re self managing your property, make sure that you keep track of them on a monthly basis,” advises Sean. “When you’re ready to sell your property, you don’t want to be rushing to figure it all out and throwing random numbers out. Keeping track of expenses throughout the length of ownership will make the selling process much smoother and make it easier for your agent to support you.” 

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