Meet the Team: Stacy Nembhard

February 21, 2023 | Meet the Team

Learn about our Database and Office Administrative Assistant who supports our team and multifamily investors

Backed by trustworthy information and niche knowledge of the multifamily market, each member of our team, from office administrators to multifamily investment advisors, play a vital role in supporting every investor interested in purchasing Florida multifamily real estate across the country.

Join us to learn more about one of our team members: Stacy Nembhard, Database and Office Administrative Assistant. 

Laying the Groundwork

After attending Valencia College to earn her Certification as an Office Assistant, Stacy began her professional career as an Office Assistant at Volunteers for Community Impact for the AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program, a nonprofit organization that partners low income seniors with at-risk youth in the community through schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Head Start. The seniors provide one-on-one support to the kids to help improve their academic, social, and emotional development.

During her 13 year tenure at the Foster Grandparent Program, Stacy worked her way up the ranks to Program Assistant and then Volunteer Coordinator for Volusia and Flagler counties. 

“In addition to teaching me that I have a love for the elderly, my time at the Foster Grandparent Program taught me how to work with people and how much I enjoy helping them through my unique capabilities,” shares Stacy.

Stacy with a group of senior volunteers for the Foster Grandparent Program

Stacy with a group of senior volunteers for the Foster Grandparent Program.

Finding 100Units

After deciding she did not want to make the strenuous commute to Volusia and Flagler counties every day, Stacy parted ways with the Foster Grandparent Program and worked in similar roles at a couple of other companies where she further honed her administrative skills before she found 100Units.  
“I was on Indeed one day, saw an ad for a Driver/Office Assistant role at 100Units, and I decided to apply,” shares Stacy. “I was asked to come in for an interview with Nikky, and we hit it off immediately. After that, I came in for a second interview with Joe and Nikky, which went well and the rest is history.”

Stacy has enjoyed learning all about commercial real estate through her role at 100Units

Opportunities at 100Units

Since starting at 100Units, Stacy has been promoted to Database and Office Administrative Assistant, a role in which she provides support to our multifamily investment advisors and Director of Operations.  

“I’m responsible for many different tasks depending on the day: gathering data to help the brokers identify owners who have multifamily assets that have great selling potential, creating social media posts, entering comps for properties, building brokers’ opinions of value (BOVs), planning networking events, ordering closing gifts for clients, and certifying documents or contracts as a notary,” says Stacy. “Everyone on the team has to learn a little bit of everything so that when someone’s not there, we can step up and do what needs to be done.”

Stacy appreciates the company culture at 100Units

Company Culture

Stacy’s favorite aspect of being a part of the 100Units team is the company culture.

“The culture at 100Units is very conducive to learning, and the team is full of fun, down to Earth people who care about cultivating a healthy work-life balance,” details Stacy. “I’ve been given the opportunity to learn a lot about commercial real estate. I learned that multifamily is such a strong asset class because as Joe always says, people will always need a place to live.”

With the multifamily investment advisors on the team required to act quickly as part of their job, Stacy feels that her comparatively slower pace helps her to ensure the quality of the team’s work for their clients. “I always go back and check over my work to ensure it’s at the highest possible quality,” shares Stacy. “I can move fast when I need to, and I’m never afraid to step up and help the team out when needed. My fellow team members are always very encouraging when I take on a new responsibility, and it only makes me believe in myself more.” 

Outside of Work

When she’s not working, Stacy enjoys dancing and listening to music to destress, gardening and attempting DIY projects around her house, and spending time with friends and family including her two sons, Tristan (21) and Jarid (20), and pets Dexter Daps (the dog) and Ajax Ursula (the cat).

Stacy's pets Dexter Daps (the dog) and Ajax Ursula (the cat)

Stacy says most people are surprised to learn that she was born and raised in Jamaica. “My grandmother migrated to the U.S. in the late 1970s and she has seven kids that she brought up from Jamaica, and my mom and dad got married, so they could file for my siblings and I to come up to the U.S.” shares Stacy.

Stacy enjoys spending time with her family outside of work

Left: Stacy with her sons, Tristan and Jarid.
Right: Stacy with her extended family.

As for her favorite quote, Stacy says that she often tells herself and her friends that “Every day is a new opportunity to do and be better than the day before.”

Advice for Multifamily Investors

As for advising those interested in investing in multifamily real estate, Stacy advises to just do it. 

“The earlier you can start investing in multifamily, the better. It’s a great way to build generational wealth or retirement income for your kids or yourself where you don’t have to “work” to make the money come in. If I had known what a great opportunity multifamily investing was at a younger age, I would have invested,” advises Stacy. 

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