How to find multifamily properties for sale in Florida

March 14, 2024 | Buyers | Market Insights

Our guide to help you find the right multifamily property 

Are you considering investing in multifamily real estate in the Sunshine State? If so, you’re in luck; Florida presents many opportunities for real estate investors interested in multifamily properties, regardless of whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the field. Its growing population, varied economy, and appealing climate make Florida an excellent destination for multifamily investments. However, given the abundance of choices, how do you identify the ideal multifamily property for sale in Florida? 

Join us as we delve into the strategies and tools necessary to navigate the Florida real estate market effectively and discover the optimal multifamily property for your investment portfolio. 

#1: Know your investment goals 

It’s essential to define your investment goals before you start your search. Ask yourself these questions to help clarify your investment intentions: 

  • Where in Florida do you want to invest? 
  • How much do you have to invest?
  • What kind of property are you seeking?
  • What aren’t you looking to invest in?

Having clarity on your investment strategy will streamline your search parameters and enable you to concentrate on properties that match your goals. 

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#2: Evaluate current market trends

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the current trends and conditions within the Florida real estate market. Urban areas such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville boast thriving economies and enticing rental landscapes, rendering them sought-after destinations for multifamily investment endeavors. 

#3: Take advantage of online listing platforms

At 100Units, we specialize in this type of real estate and offer a current list of multifamily properties for sale in Florida. We update our listings frequently, so be sure to take a look at our website. We also want to mention alternative platforms that you can include in your research.

“One of the best things to do when choosing a market to invest in is to check for job growth, population growth, rent growth, economic drivers, crime statistics, etc.

The best websites to look for that data are: 


Joe LaFleur, 100Units Multifamily Investment Advisor

#4: Work with a multifamily real estate professional

Networking is key in the full scope of the real estate industry. Consider contacting a local multifamily investment advisor who can provide valuable insights into the local market, access off-market listings, and assist you throughout the buying process. You can also benefit from attending local real estate events, joining investor groups, and connecting with other Florida real estate professionals. Building relationships with brokers, property managers, and fellow investors can provide valuable leads and insights into the local market. 

Finding the right multifamily property for sale in Florida will demand a systematic strategy and comprehensive examinations, yet the potential rewards are significant for astute investors. By clarifying your investment goals, utilizing online tools, and networking with industry experts, you can unveil profitable investment prospects within the vibrant Florida real estate market. Initiate your search and begin your venture toward multifamily property investment success in the Sunshine State today!

Get the most from your multifamily investment journey!

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