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At 100Units.com, we know that selling and buying apartment buildings can be a challenging process. Not only can this process be time consuming, but it can also become increasingly costly – especially when you don’t have a trusted expert by your side.

That’s why at 100Units.com, we are committed to providing our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from working with a group of highly driven and passionate multifamily property investment advisors. Our specialized team simplifies the process of locating and purchasing apartment buildings by handling the research, analytics, and insights on your behalf. We take the time to evaluate your investment goals to help you attain the long-term success and results you want.


Our objective as your multifamily advisor is to help you achieve your investments goals. We’ll lend you our unique perspective on your situation and provide you with real time market analysis to help you stay ahead of every changing market trends. We’ll also collect, study, evaluate, and share market data on an ongoing basis to help you make timely and informed decisions. From determining the listing price to conducting the closing, we’ll facilitate a smooth transaction for you.

We combine comprehensive market research, state-of-the-art technology, and communications systems to target optimal buyers for your property. From print to multimedia, we’ll customize a targeted campaign for your property that will maximize its value.

Communication is crucial for the success of any real estate transaction. As your listing agent, we will always keep you informed on the next step, what the other side is doing, and whether there are any red flags you should be concerned about.

We work hard to earn the trust and confidence of buyers. In return, we have a vast network of domestic and international clients who are always interested in purchasing additional properties.


As your multifamily advisor, our goal is to provide you with the insight and help you need to secure the best multifamily investment property. We take the time to determine your needs before identifying properties that can be considered for potential acquisition. We analyze market conditions, trends, and local competition to propose the best initial and counter-offers. From sourcing real estate investments and opportunities to protecting your financial interests during contract and closing, our team at 100Units.com will help you attain the best possible investment for your money.

Every real estate investor knows that the real work happens after closing. Our partnership with Florida Realty Investments ensures that every client has the comprehensive property management solutions they need to run their properties successfully.

As well-established experts of the industry, we have a firm understanding of the local market and can advise you on the most potentially profitable properties available for purchase. Our focus is to work on behalf of your interests and get you the best results for your investment.
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