It’s a great time to refinance your multifamily property: here’s why

February 25, 2020 | Market Insights

Learn the advantages of refinancing your multifamily property, and why you should consider doing it right now

If you own a multifamily asset in Central Florida and you’re not thinking of selling it soon, we definitely recommend that you look into taking out long term debt and locking in your financing.


Financing right now on multifamily is incredibly attractive! Currently, you can get some of the best rates we’ve seen for a long time.

If you’re planning on a long term hold on a multifamily asset and your financing is going to come due in the next three years, we strongly recommend you take a look at refinancing your multifamily property and taking on long term debt right now.

What are the advantages of refinancing your multifamily property?

In real estate investing, refinancing is the process of applying for a new loan. It’s a great way to take advantage of favorable market conditions, and allows you to secure a better interest rate for a long period of time. 

Why is now a good time to refinance your multifamily property?

  • There’s a lot of liquidity in the market 

High levels of market liquidity occur when there’s both a high supply of cash and demand for multifamily assets, meaning it’s easier to find a buyer or lender. A more liquid market means there’s less risk for lenders, so they’re more open to offering favorable interest rates to multifamily owners.

  • The credit cycle is in excellent shape

It’s very important to take advantage of the credit cycles that exist in investment real estate because they oscillate over time. You can learn more about credit and lending cycles here.

  • You have many lending options available

Lenders are jumping over each other to lend money on multifamily properties! As a multifamily owner in Central Florida, you’re able to lock in 7- or 10-year debt with a fixed interest rate, sometimes sub-4% depending on the lender you choose.

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