Meet the Team: Nikky Schmidt

August 10, 2022 | Meet the Team

Learn about our Director of Operations who provides vital support to our multifamily investment advisors 

With many years of in-depth industry experience and niche knowledge of the multifamily market, every member of our team plays a key role in helping you attain optimal long-term success and results.

Join us to learn more about one of our team members: Nikky Schmidt, Director of Operations. 

Navigating to Real Estate 

Although her official title is Director of Operations, Nikky Schmidt wears every hat at 100Units that is not related to sales in support of the company and the multifamily investment advisors on the team.  

Nikky started her professional career as an operations manager for a wholesale distribution company called Ferguson Enterprises, and quickly found that she loved every aspect of operations. “I love anything logistical like finding solutions to problems, creating processes to fix kinks in any kind of system, overseeing inventory, and completing human resource-related tasks,” shares Nikky.

After being laid off as one of the youngest operations managers for Ferguson Enterprises in 2008 amid the market crash, Nikky transitioned her career into the real estate industry by working as a closer at a couple of title companies. The jobs provided Nikky the opportunity to learn all about real estate, and she found that she was drawn to the energy of the industry.

Nikky joined the 100Units team in 2017

Finding an Opportunity with 100Units

With her interest in real estate still in the back of her mind, Nikky went to work for the University of Central Florida as an Office Manager to oversee a huge renovation project at the UCF Research Park Business Incubator.

While working at UCF, Nikky received a call from Kevin Erwin, a colleague at one of the title companies she worked at a few years prior who is now a Multifamily, Retail, and Office Investment Advisor at 100Units.      

“Kevin was one of the partners at the second title company I worked for about eight years ago and we had a good rapport at the office,” explains Nikky. “I hadn’t talked to Kevin for years, but I got a call from him one day while working at UCF saying ‘Hey, a buddy of mine is looking for somebody to run operations at his real estate firm and I think you’d be a great fit.’ At the time, Kevin wasn’t even on the 100Units team, but I trusted his expertise and figured it never hurts to go in for an interview.” 

Never one to turn down a great opportunity, Nikky joined the 100Units team in 2017 and celebrated her five year work anniversary in August.

Nikky’s favorite responsibility is building the 100Units processes

Passion for the Job

As a key player at a small firm, a single day at 100Units is never the same for Nikky.

“I do whatever is needed and everyday is different, which I love,” says Nikky. “Lately I’ve been doing a lot of HR work like interviewing, hiring, and training new team members since we’re growing. I track the numbers of all the sales including the profits. I help manage the expenses of the company. I also manage the database, create the marketing packages for the properties, coordinate listing management, and act as a transaction coordinator when needed.”

Although she enjoys all facets of her role, Nikky’s favorite responsibility is building the 100Units processes. “I’ve been here for five years, but as a small company, processes can always use improvement and we’re doing a really good job of optimizing our structures and processes right now,” details Nikky.

Nikky most enjoys working with and building the team at 100Units

Unmatched Teamwork

Beyond her day-to-day responsibilities, Nikky most enjoys working with and building the team at 100Units. “Besides enjoying the fun energy of our close knit team, I love that no one is competitive with each other,” explains Nikky. “There is a true level of respect between everybody. Nobody is better or knows more than anybody else, and everyone is willing to learn every little angle of the business and help out with anything that’s needed.”

The teamwork at 100Units was perfectly exemplified when Nikky shared that Sean McKenna, one of their newest multifamily investment advisors, launched in the Jacksonville market while also stepping into the role of buyer’s agent to help the firm.

“I can’t say enough good things about 100Units. We are having a record breaking year, so it’s very exciting to be a part of it and feel like I’m having an impact on the success of our business,” shares Nikky. 

Outside Operations

During her free time, Nikky most enjoys traveling to explore new places around the globe and visit her family in the southeast U.S. In 2022 so far, Nikky has done a lot of domestic travel to different states including California, Texas, New York, Kentucky, and North Carolina. In the fall, she has a trip planned to Egypt, Budapest, and Jordan.

Nikky most enjoys traveling to explore new places around the globe and visiting her family

Left: Nikky with her mom, dad, oldest sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew.
Middle: Nikky with her better half Chris in San Francisco in front of the “Painted Ladies.”
Right: Nikky with her middle sister, brother-in-law, and nephew in Texas.

If she’s not traveling, Nikky loves spending time with her dogs, Frank and Buddy, as well as trying out new recipes that pair well with red wine as part of her new found love of cooking.

Nikky enjoys spending time with her dogs and cooking when she's at home

When asked about her favorite quote, Nikky shared one from her number one role model that she has hanging up on her wall at home:

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Advice for Multifamily Investors

When it comes to advising someone interested in investing in multifamily real estate, Nikky’s advice is simple and straightforward:

“Start young, start small, and just do it. There’s no reason not to invest in multifamily, even if you just start with a duplex and work your way up. It’s passive income, and it’s pretty reliable even as the market fluctuates because everybody needs a home,” advises Nikky.

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