Spotting the Perfect Multifamily Investment

August 1, 2017 | Blog

Learn What a Great Multifamily Property Deal Looks Like

    You may already be an experienced investor in single family real estate, but investing in multifamily properties is the way to go if you want a serious boost in cash flow. While the individual units in multifamily properties typically yield less rental income than single family homes, you can make huge savings in terms of reduced maintenance and property expenses. For example, the cost of maintaining the landscaping for an 8-unit property may be the same as for a single family home, but with eight units paying rent your profits from the multifamily property will be much greater. Keep reading to learn how to spot what a great multifamily investment opportunity looks like.

Size Doesn’t Matter

    Do not dismiss any property simply because of the amount of units it has. The number of apartments is not important – the only thing that matters is that the math behind the investment adds up. When calculating your income, use the published figures as a guide, but be sure to do your own property and financial analysis as well. As multifamily investment advisors we can help you with this, to make sure that you are getting the best return on your investment.

Capital Improvements

    When you are viewing a potential investment, keep an eye out for small changes that you can make that will enhance a renter’s perception of the property. Examples include painting walls, adding more storage, updating cabinet facades, and cleaning the exterior of the building. These small changes will not cost much money or take much time but can increase the amount of rent you can charge.

Be Determined

    Once you start searching, you might quickly find a lot of appealing investment opportunities. There is no harm in putting in offers on multiple properties – this way, you avoid missing out on a great deal, and you will still have a backup if another property falls through. If you are unsure, the team at are always on hand to give our professional opinion.

    If you are ready to take the plunge into the world of multifamily real estate, we are ready to help. The specialized team at simplifies the process of locating and purchasing apartment buildings by handling the research, analysis, and insights on your behalf. We take the time to evaluate your investment goals to help you attain the long-term success and results you want. Contact us today to find your perfect multifamily property.

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