How fast decisions will make you an elite multifamily investor

March 14, 2022 | Buyers

Ensure your success and build your reputation by executing quickly on your commercial real estate deals

With ‘multifamily construction starts’ rising 36% year-over-year in Orlando and rents increasing significantly, there is massive demand for well-performing multifamily properties among investors who want to take advantage of the area’s continuously growing population. [1]

In such a competitive market, multifamily investors who want to reach their full potential need to learn to move fast when purchasing a multi-unit apartment building from an established seller. 

Keep reading to explore the ways in which moving quickly transforms you into an elite multifamily real estate investor.  

#1: Provides the seller confidence that you will execute.

A multifamily investor decides to sell their property when they no longer want to hold on to that asset, so they aim to relinquish ownership as smoothly and swiftly as possible with a buyer they can trust.

If you begin purchasing a property and the seller finds that you neglect to complete simple tasks like responding to an email in a timely manner, they will be hesitant to go into contract with you.

It will cause them to question how long it would take you to complete longer parts of the purchasing process such as engaging with a lender or executing on due diligence.

Find ways to show the seller your level of dedication to the deal by committing to a short due diligence period or closing quickly. It allows the seller to see that you are confident in your investment abilities and that you want to go under contract as soon as possible. 

#2: Decreases your chances of missing out on a deal.

During a transaction, the seller can choose to move on to another buyer if you lack an efficient response time. It can cause you to lose out on a great deal simply because you were not reliable enough.

With such a booming real estate market, investors are lining up to purchase properties and build their multifamily investment portfolios as speedily as possible. If you wait too long, the seller will have no problem finding the next person in line to close on their deal. 

“If you’re going to compete in today’s market, move quickly,” says Joe LaFleur, multifamily investment advisor and founder of 100Units. “Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the investment opportunities in front of you by acting fast—that’s how you beat out other buyers.” 

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#3: Builds you a strong reputation as a multifamily investor.

As a multifamily investor, you are building your reputation with every property that you buy and sell, so if you want to be known as someone who executes on their deals, speed is essential.

“I was recently talking to a very active buyer in the Central Florida market about a property and before our conversation was over, he was in the property’s parking lot checking it out to make sure that it was a solid opportunity,” shares Joe. “Within a matter of hours he sent in an offer—not days, but mere hours. He knew that it was an awesome deal that he couldn’t miss out on, so he didn’t wait to execute.” 

Be decisive and execute on your plan!

Do not hesitate or second-guess your investment instincts by worrying about what could go wrong.

If you are looking at properties, you already know that you are committed to making a substantial long-term investment, so remain convicted in your decision—or another investor will take the opportunity that you are giving up.

Move quickly to show sellers, lenders, brokers, and everyone else in the industry that you are a committed, reputable, and successful multifamily investor. 

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1: Orlando Business Journal | Orlando commercial, multifamily construction starts were up in 2021

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