How COVID-19 has driven the adoption of new technology in multifamily

May 22, 2020 | Buyers | Market Insights | Sellers

Learn about the new technologies that are making things easier for tenants and smoother for owners

Being able to adapt to new, changing circumstances is essential to ensure a successful multifamily investment.

In recent years, the real estate industry has been slowly moving towards the implementation of virtual tools to engage with today’s tech-savvy renters.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing things along quicker than before.

With social distancing and enhanced health precautions at the forefront of everyone’s minds, technology can offer more safety and convenience to the apartment renting and management process.

Join us to explore some of the new technology in multifamily that’s changing the way owners and property managers show, lease, and maintain their apartment buildings.

Virtual tours

While some renters may feel comfortable signing a lease without seeing the property first, most will want the tangible experience of walking through their future home before making such an important decision.

At a time when in-person tours guided by a leasing agent are not possible, virtual tours present an ideal—and in some cases, preferable—alternative.

Created using three-dimensional rendering software, virtual tours allow prospective tenants to digitally walk through your multifamily property. Viewers will be able to navigate on their own and check out all of the details of the unit, all from the comfort of their own home.

Self-guided tours

Owners who want to go one step further also have the option to offer self-guided tours. Prospective tenants register online, upload their identifying information for security purposes (usually an image of a photo ID and a credit card number), and download a specialized app that allows access to the property via electronic locks.

Once inside the property, the prospective renter can take a self-guided tour without the need for a leasing agent. The app uses their phone’s geo-location function to track their location as they move through the apartment and feeds them relevant information about the key aspects of the home.

Management apps and portals

To make things convenient for renters, many multifamily owners and property managers are using technology to offer a fully online, secure lease application process.

We’re also seeing online management portals becoming more prevalent. Tenants are able to sign in 24/7 to pay rent, view their account, submit maintenance requests, and more.

Our thoughts on new technology in multifamily

Looking ahead, many of these new technologies can continue to make things easier for tenants and smoother for owners.

As people become more comfortable and familiar with technology, we believe that virtual tours especially will continue to generate interest and engagement—both now during the pandemic and in the future as things begin to return to “normal”.

We’re seeing great success for our clients who are offering potential tenants a simple, safe way to explore vacant units. And even as social distancing guidelines are relaxed, we predict that many people will continue to enjoy the convenience of a virtual tour as the starting point in their apartment search.

How we’re using new technology to help multifamily owners

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